Tuesday, September 13, 2011

G arranges the universe

When A and I got married, we were living 3 hours apart. So, after the honeymoon we packed up G and moved to the big city. During our first year of marriage A and I bought a house on a quiet street inhabited mostly by the newly wed and nearly dead. It seems as if half the residents have been here forever, and the others are chasing small children just like us. It's a nice little place to live. However, my parents are now 3 hours away. G does not like this. Here is his solution, as told to his grandmother last week.

"G-ma, you should move to S-city. There are lots of jobs here. You and Pop don't need the horses, you could sell them and use the money to move to town."

My mother replies, "Well honey, even if we moved here we probably wouldn't be able to live very close to you."

G says, "No, you could live close to us. Our neighbors are very old. They'll probably die soon, and you can buy their house."

-Ahhh....the simplicity of childhood.



It's true though. If NE had a cottage law on baking, my parents would be moving in right next door to us.
That would be good b/c their yard would be 1/2 flat (ours is barely flat, all hill), so the kids would have more room to play.
That would be bad b/c then everyone at church would like my parents more then me.

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