Thursday, March 4, 2010


Blog Day 1:
Meals cooked: 0
Loads of Laundry:0
Week of Marriage: #4
So this is it! A and I have been married about 3 and 1/2 weeks, and are very pleased with ourselves. Our honeymoon was spent in a cabin in Tennessee, and it was wonderful. Even though we both got sick, it was still wonderful. The Saints even won the Super Bowl. How about that?
So now we're married and spending "week four" in Destin, FL. We came down for A's work conference, and G and I have had a ball. Yesterday I took G down to the beach to play in the sand. Even though it was cold and windy we spent a very satisfactory hour digging and building sand castles, volcanoes, and square pyramids. G's only interest in the water was in mixing it into the sand to make better building materials. Today G and I slept late, had lunch with A, and found a playground and a couple of shops. Now we're back in our not so large room with G trying to take a nap on the orange fold out couch. He loves it. My only thought was I hope it was cheap.
Things are really, seriously good. There have been some adjustments. I am still not used to being home all day, and wander from room to room in the apartment cleaning things, but I never seem to finish anything. Part of this is due to the fact that G has a constant "play with me" chorus going. Part of this is due to the fact that there is still so much to put away, thank you notes to write, more laundry to wash dry and fold, more dishes to wash, dry and put away, and always another meal to cook. I have found that cooking is my favorite part of the day. I've been testing so many new recipes on A, that I don't think I've fried a single thing since we were married. It's nice.
G has been mostly good about the whole move. A and I joke that he is adjusting better than we are, which is true some days.

G did have some anxiety about this trip until we explained that we weren't moving again, we were just going on a vacation. I think he's enjoying himself.
Even though there are plenty of worries for tomorrow, I'm taking today off from all that. Today, I will play in the sun with our son. I will eagerly await my handsome hubby getting out of his afternoon meetings, and we will go to the beach, and then we'll take it from there. At some point tonight I will pick up the dinosaurs, crayons, shark, alligator, and dirty clothes and make it all fit in the suitcases again, along with a few of my new purchases. I am at peace, and I am happy.