Saturday, August 27, 2011

G the fashion police

I usually try to drop in a funny G story every now and then. G is quite the fashion critic these days, once he is forced to put on pants. I don't know how that happened with me as a parent, did. So, G has had some fun stuff to say about todays fashion. Let's go by type of clothing.

leggings: Mama (in a loud voice, from behind his hand) why isn't that lady wearing anything over her panty hose? I can see her underpants! It's Hiwarious (hilarious in G-speak)

workout shorts: Mama, (thankfully in the car away from anyone) why do those ladies just wear their panties to story time? Don't they know they are 'sposed to wear real clothes? I had to put on shorts to come, and you wore a dress. They should know better.

dresses: Mama, I like your dress. You look good. (he winks and gives me a thumbs up).

My little fashion policeman. I love him so!



G sounds absolutely adorable! And he is right - those ladies SHOULD know better!

Katie E.

Thanks natalie! He is one of the leading lights in our lives for sure!.

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