Saturday, August 27, 2011

Catch up

We are always playing catch up. I think I have really bad time management skills. But it is okay. M is going through a really not fun phase. He wants to sit up and play, but he can't sit up by himself, so he gets frustrated. He also gets frustrated because he wants to crawl and can't. And he is revamping his little napping routine, which led to hours of screaming today when we were trying to put him down, and he wasn't ready yet. He only napped once today. God bless my hubs. He gave me earplugs and let me nap, and he wrestled the troll child. Thank God for church, where I was able to take both kids to their little area and go worship in peace. So there were good and bad things today.

I am still occasionally working on the kids' bedtime stories, getting them typed up. Again, bad time management, so progress is slow. Tonight A is at the movies, and the kids are in bed, and I am blogging my heart out and watching "The Chronicles of Riddick" again. I love these movies! I am sad to say that I no longer can watch SyFy original "horror" movies when the hubs is gone. I am a wuss.

We are back in church, and I think we are all much happier. I have gone and volunteered to help with the 6th grade girls because a lack of volunteers with all the kids stuff. Lord help me. Hormone buckets with mouths, attitudes, and a strong tendency to move in packs, like hyenas. It should be fun. I hope God can move through me to be a positive influence. He knows I have been enough of a bad influence in my lifetime, I should be allowed to make it up now.

All in all things are good. A is busy at work, which is usual. G and I will start homeschooling in a week or so. I am actually excited about it. I am praying this is a positive thing for us. I think he will like the structure, and I am hoping that M cooperates. Tomorrow's greatest mission is cleaning the kitchen and catching up some laundry. AND I have girls' night with the women from our life group. My first activity with the women in my life group and I am so excited. I hope everyone has a good week. One can hope I will blog more faithfully, but who knows.


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